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Vijay who was with us in February blogged about us – you can check out what he says here


Aaarrrgh our website is down!! is down – apparently domain registration and package deals of Manashosting are two different deals. So I have a three year deal with Manashosting – but I have to renew my site every year!! aaaarg!!

Chalk one more review for us folks, Raghavendra and team where with us for the New year weekend – he has given us a review, check it out here…

This is the first review of 2010!! — Many thanks to Raghavendra, for getting our review queue started this year!!

We’ve been blogged .. and I found about it 6 months later 😦 – that’s what happens when you drop off the web!!, Check this out folks, we got some praises.. 🙂

Quite some time ago, when I was traveling from Coorg to Bangalore – I had bike troubles, we managed to make it to Bangalore, but we couldn’t go all the way and had to park the bike in the office of Rakesh’s friend, Santosh… this was, I think over a year ago…

Fast forward to this week, we had Aman and team coming to Bethel, Aman had found us on the web and had been deputed to co-ordinate the Coorg trip for his team. He collected all the details (links/blogs etc) about us a send it out to his team. His boss goes through the material and one of the photographs is of Rakesh in the homestay! !! (sounds of thunder and lightening here..:-) ) — and well, his boss turns out to be, no prizes for guessing – Santosh

Phew.. It really is a small tiny itsy bitsy world..

I have often mentioned this – one the best parts of the being in Bethel is meeting different folk – we get to meet all kinds of people, people with different tastes and interests and we have learned a lot from them.

Subho was with us way back in September of 2009. He had come here with his wife Paramita and son Tijil. At Bethel all of us have very decent idea about the flaura and fauna around us – the birds / animals / some of the trees (any tree we don’t know, we promptly name it – “Jungle Wood” 😀 :-D) – he introduced us to a part of the flora around us that we were completely oblivious about – Orchids!!

Orchids was Subho’s passion (Birds were Paramita’s) – he was able to open our eyes to the world of orchids. We don’t have any particularly rare or exotic ones in our estate. However there was on thing that we learned that made us particularly happy. Orchids are very sophisticated and very fragile – they are so specialized that they need very precise conditions for them to survive and propagate and hence they are a very good indicator of the health of the ecosystem – Bethel has a pretty decent amount of orchid growth, that is something we are be happy about.

Here are some of the photographs taken by Subho at Bethel –

While our blog was languishing – Bethel was doing very well online and in the real world – we have now the highest number of reviews in just about any site for any homestay in Coorg – 10 in TripAdvisor, 36 in HolidayIQ, 12 in Raahi!!

You can check out our reviews here
Reviews in Trip Advisor
Reviews in HolidayIQ
Reviews in

On our website – we very proudly announce – all emails will be responded within 48 hours !!
It loudly gives three phone numbers that any one can call to get in touch with us…

Humbug – it is all humbug!!
I have 510 unread mails in my mail box!!! – Our blog has not been updated for over 6 months – so much for all our proud service level announcements!!

My sincere apologies to all of the folks whose mails I have replied to — It is not as if Bethel is not running – Just that my online work got offline 🙂 — hmm – that’s an understatement

But I am back!! 🙂

It is the middle of the month..

It is the middle of the month..

I saw this strip in Yahoo comics (Arlo and Janis for 15th of July) and remembered its been more than a week since my last what’s happening.

Well, we had Mohsin and team (numbering 10) who joined us on the 4th of July, of these folks 9 of them joined in rafting also.

Then we had Arun and team (numbering 4) who joined us on the 4th of July, again they too joined us for rafting

We had Kaustab and team (numbering 5), they were not staying with us but joined for rafting.

We had Sunil and team numbering 11 gentlemen who came to Bethel. This team was very different from the usual crowd that comes to Bethel, each of these gentlemen were 40+ years of age and had become friends over the years. What was common among them all ? How did they meet ? Well, all of them were morning walkers in the same park in Bangalore and became friends over the many miles that they walked there!!! — yup, some groups are special.. and we are lucky to host them.

Then we had Pravin and his wife Shalini who joined us on the 10th of July.
and Nagesh and his wife Hitha who joined us on the 11th of July.

Apart from the folks who stayed with us we also had Misha and Sarita who joined for rafting on the 10 of July

We also had Shiva and team (numbering 10) from Hyderabad whose stay we arranged in Ramcaud home stay near Iruppu falls joining us for rafting on the 12th of July

With this our rafting count has become 46 as of date!!

Again, To know more about white water rafting, please go to
or you can contact us at the following numbers for bookings and any help
Anish: +91 9972361564
Rakesh: +91 9972362052
Rakesh: +91 9448201771

The tariff is Rs 1000 / head.

Check out the Sunday Financial Express ( July 5th) — we are there..
Read the article online