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Vivek who was with us last weekend and was the first to go rafting this season has given us a review. Check it out here.


Last year, the 2008 White water rafting season started of on the 4th of July weekend, this year the season has started a week earlier.

The first batch of rafters that hit the water were all V’s.. Vineeth, Varun and Vivek! Vineeth was with us a year ago in peak rafting season, this time he was the first to hit the water..umm.. literally 🙂

The season has just begun and the water level has not peaked yet, low water levels means that the rafting is more technical and you bump into obstacles more often. You really need to buckle down and make sure you are strapped well — apparently Vineeth was not as careful as he should have been, he flew off the raft at the Grasshopper rapid as the raft bumped into a rock and needed to be rescued.

The Barapole river offers the wildest white water rafting experience in South India with rapids becoming level 4 in peak season. A successful run i.e a non eventful one, is a combination of great guides, proper training and gear and of course a whole lot of luck :-). Thankfully we have good quality equipment, great guides who conduct the rafting at Barapole, the training program includes rafting commands and even rescue techniques. Folks are amply prepared for the river ahead of them and the challenges it throws at them.

Getting thrown of the raft and being rescued is common and even a lot of fun — in fact, a part of the training and I think the most popular part, is making sure you are thrown off the raft and rescued by your team mates!!

Still, Barapole river is not a theme park and even experienced rafters need to be very vigilant at all times as Rakesh found out, after Vineeth was rescued, Rakesh started to explain the nuances of holding on to the raft..and before he could complete his statement.. he was thrown off the raft 🙂

All in all it was a great start to the season, with a lot of fun and lot of adventure!! For all the folks reading this, stop, and get there for the best white water rafting experience in the whole of south India!!

You can find details about rafting here
Tariff: Rs 1000 / head
Contacts for booking:
Anish: +91 9972361564
Rakesh: +91 9972362052
Rakesh: +91 9448201771

It’s here folks!!!

The 2009 White water rafting season has finally begun!!!
The first batch of rafters hit the water today. The tariff for the season has been set for Rs 1000 / head.
For folks who want to know more about white water rafting in Coorg, you can go here

Before we go ahead into the season,here are a few images from the 2008 season

White Water Rafting, Barapole River, Coorg – 2008

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Manjunath, Patthabhi and folks (our guests for the August 2nd weekend, Manjunath, Pattabhi, Vishwanath, Shailesh, Ravi, Vinay, Sunil and Avdooth ) started off from Bangalore on Friday night, they traveled overnight and were received by Arun at 5.30 AM in the morning.

We always ask our guests to give us a call the moment they start and we normally keep calling every few hours, this way we are able to make sure that folks don’t loose their way, and it also helps us prepare for them. For example, if they have missed lunch, then we make sure when they arrive at Gonikoppal or Kutta or where ever we receive them, they have something to eat..Snacks, Chips ..whatever, something to munch on or we just have lime juice or something like that to refresh folks — after all it is a 5 hour journey from Bangalore!! (btw we don’t do this for night travelers 🙂 )

The guys then refreshed and helped themselves to a full breakfast and after that they went on the trek with Rakesh. Our trek with the estate is beautiful, but mild. It can be classified at most as a beginners trek, just enough for first timers to be stressed but not so much that they can’t complete it. We normally come to know about the appetite for adventure of the guests when they do this trek. These folks were the adventerous type … so our trek was pretty mild for them.

They went for the 3.30 PM rafting session, they had to wait because the 1 PM rafting team turned up late!! This is something we don’t approve off — making our guests wait for no fault of their own, it is our job as hosts to book the rafting slots upfront and make sure we arrive on time, and we take a lot of pains to make sure we do that, there is no reason why our guests should be penalized for being prompt. Rakesh made sure that the rafting folks knew of our displeasure

At night they settled down to a cozy campfire…and the next day they went back home the long way back to Bangalore, via Wayanad, Gundulpet..Bandipur forest with a stop over at the famous Iruppu falls

Photos that they took have been uploaded, the link to the album is here

Pattabhi has also give us a review in HolidayIQ, check it out here

Pattabhi, Thanks a lot for the review, It means a lot for us, and guys thanks for coming.

Here are some of their pics..